How to Hide Your Friends List on Facebook

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Learn how to edit your Facebook friends list privacy settings in order to stop people from knowing who your friends are.
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How to Hide Your Friends List on Facebook from others

Here are the steps to make your Facebook friends list private:

1. Head to your Facebook timeline and click on Friends tab.

2. Click the pencil icon to the far right of Friends List and choose Edit Privacy.

3. Click the audience selector next to Friend List.

4. You can choose Friends, if you would like to share it only with your friends.

5. You can also choose Custom, to set it to a custom settings.

6. Or you can choose Only Me to hide it from everyone.

7. When you finish adjusting your friends list visibility, click Done.

8. Now, to make sure that your friends list is hidden from unwanted eyes, you should view your Facebook profile as a stranger.

9. To do so, click the three dots icon underneath your cover photo, then choose View As....


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