How to Hide Personal Information on Facebook

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How to Hide Your Personal Information on Facebook from unwanted eyes - Does your personal information on Facebook timeline means something to you? Are you happy with sharing your birthday, emails, phone number, your home address, your work, family and relationship, your current city and so many other information on your Facebook timeline? If not, this tutorial will take you step by step on how to tweak your personal information settings.

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Steps to hide personal information on Facebook:

1. Head to your timeline and Click the About section under your cover photo or click Update Info.

2. From the left side, click Contact and Basic Info. it contains the most sensitive information.

3. To change any information visibility, just hover the mouse over the information that you would like to change and click Edit. then click the audience selector next to each entry and choose Only Me to hide it from all. You can choose Friends to share it only with friends. You can also custom a list. Or you can keep it as it's if you
would like to share it with the general public.

4. You can do the same thing to all the rest of your personal information in the About section.

5. To make sure that the settings are doing their job, you should see your profile as a stranger. Here is how:

That's how we can hide personal information on Facebook.

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