How to Download your Photo Albums from Facebook

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Do you want to download your own photo albums from Facebook? If so, this simple tutorial is for you. it will show you step by step how to Download your own Photo Albums without using any third party.

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Steps to download photo albums from Facebook:

1. Log into Facebook and head to your timeline by clicking on your name at the top right.

2. Click on Photos tab, then click on Albums.

3. Open the album that you would like to download.

4. Once you have opened the album, click the gear icon and select Download Album.

5. Press the Continue button to start downloading your photos.

6. You'll get a notification that your album is ready to download.

7. What you have to do now, is right click on the notification then open it on a new tab.

8. After getting the option to download your photo album, you can choose a destination where to save it and press the Save button.

That's how we can download photo albums from Facebook without any third-party.

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