How to Clear Facebook Watch History | Clear All Watched Videos on Facebook

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How to Clear Facebook Watch History? Watch this tutorial to Learn how to delete all videos you've watched on Facebook in a few easy steps.

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Are you looking for how to delete your Facebook watched videos? Well, you're definitely in the right place. In this video, I'll show you in detailed steps how to delete all videos watched on Facebook at once. Hope it helps!!!.

Steps to clear watched videos on Facebook app​:

1. Open the Facebook App.
2. Tap the Facebook icon or the three-lines icon.
3. Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy.
4. Tap Settings.
5. Scroll down and tap Activity log.
6. Scroll down and tap Logged actions and other activity.
7. Tap Videos you've watched.
8. To delete any video from the watch history page, tap the three dots icon next to it, then tap Delete.

Unfortunately, you can't delete all videos watched at once from within the app. You'll need to use the desktop version of Facebook.

1. To do so, open your browser app.
2. Tap the three-dots icon and select Desktop site.
3. Now, go to
4. Log into your Facebook account.
5. Tap the down arrow or (profile picture).
6. Tap Settings & privacy.
7. Tap Activity log.
8. In the left side, tap Logged actions and other activity.
9. Scroll down and tap Videos You've Watched.
10. Tap Clear Video Watch History, to delete all watched videos at once.
11. Tap Clear Video Watch History.
💡 You may need to refresh the page to see the change.
💡 You may need also to repeat this action (Step 10) if you have a lot of watch history.

That's it! that's how you delete videos you've watched on Facebook.

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To Clear Watched Videos on Facebook using a computer or laptop, watch this video ➡️

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