How to Change Your Primary Email On Facebook

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How to Change Your Primary Email on Facebook? Watch this tutorial to Learn how to change your primary email address on Facebook in a few easy steps.

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Are you looking for how to change your email address on Facebook? Well, you're definitely in the right place. In this video, I'll show you in detailed steps how you can add an email address to your Facebook account, make it as a primary and remove the old one. Hope it helps!!!.

👉 Steps to change your email on Facebook:

1. Click your profile picture at the top right corner of any Facebook page, click Settings & privacy, then click Settings.
2. Click Edit next to Contact.
3. Click +Add another email address or mobile number.
4. Enter your new email address in the box, then press Add.
5. Now, you should go to your Email account to confirm the new Email address.
6. Once there, copy the code and go back to your Facebook account.
7. Click Confirm under the new added email address, then paste the code and press OK.
8. To make your new confirmed email as your primary email address, click Make primary and refresh the page to see the change.

As you can see, the primary email has been changed.

9. If you decided to remove the old email address, click Remove and refresh the page to see the change.

That's it! That's how you change your primary email on Facebook.

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