How to View Your Facebook Profile as Someone else

How to View Your Facebook Profile as Someone else

Have you ever wondered how your Facebook profile looks like to other people? how they see things or what they see in the first place? have you changed some important privacy settings but you need to make sure whether it's working correctly as you want it or not? in short, there is a very simple and a great tool provided by Facebook, called View As... which allows facebook users to see their profiles as the general public or as a specific friend. So let's discover it!

How to View Your Facebook Profile as Someone else?


Log into your Facebook account.

Facebook Login

Navigate to your timeline by clicking on your name in the upper left of the Facebook home page.

Facebook Homepage

Click the three dots icon under your cover photo and choose View As... from the drop down menu.

View As...

After clicking on View As tool, scroll down and see what your profile looks like to the general public.


You can also see your profile as a specific friend. to do so, click on the link that says View as Specific Person and type a friend's name in the field.

View As Specific Person

To go back to the normal view, just click the X icon as shown below.

x Icon

View As tool is a simple and great way to make sure that your privacy settings are doing their job. so, it would be better to check your profile from time to time or whenever you touch your account privacy settings.

Video Tutorial

How to View Your Facebook Profile as a Stranger