How to Stop Email Notifications from Facebook

Stop Email Notifications from Facebook

Are you getting so many annoying email notifications in your email inbox from Facebook? really, It's so annoying to see that your email inbox filled with a highly number of unwanted notifications everyday. and it would be worse depending on your activity and friends. more activity in the blue world, big number of friends, means more annoying email notifications. So, if you would like to stop Facebook notifications from getting into your email inbox, please, follow the steps below.

How to Stop Email Notifications from Facebook?

Step 1: Click the down arrow at the top right of any Facebook page, then choose Settings

Step 2: Once you're in your account general settings, click the Notifications section in the left side.

Notifications  section

Step 3: Click Edit to the far right of Email, or click on Email directly.

Email notifications settings

Step 4: Now, you should tick the box next to Only notifications about your account, security and privacy to get only important notifications.

Stop notifications

Step 5: In the pop up window, press Turn Off button to confirm the process.

Turn off-notifications

Step 6: If you would like to receive specific email notifications about something you care about, scroll down to NOTIFICATIONS YOU'VE TURNED OFF and click the Turn On button to the far right of any type of notification you want.

Turn on

Video Tutorial: How to Stop Email Notifications from Facebook