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How to Make Your Photo Albums Private on Facebook

By Hamid

Updated on November 12, 2020

How to Make Your Photo Albums Private on Facebook

Have you uploaded your photos to Facebook without limiting who can see them? Want now to put those pictures on private? Well, no one can deny that Facebook is a good place where we can share our personal photos with family members and closest friends. But uploading pictures to Facebook without setting the desired audience, may put you in some trouble. So, you need always to make sure to share your photos on Facebook with only people you trust and not with the entire world.

Here, in this step by step tutorial, I'm going to show you how to control who can see your Facebook photos and photo albums in easy and simple steps. There is only an exception for the current profile picture and cover photo. They are always public by default and anyone can see them.

Ok? Let's get started!

How to Make Your Photo Albums Private on Facebook?


Login to your Facebook account, then navigate to your timeline by clicking on your name at the top right of any Facebook page.

Facebook Homepage

Click on Photos tab underneath the cover photo, then click Albums to view your existing photo albums.

Photo Albums

Now, to change the privacy settings for the albums that you've created, click the three-dot icon at the top right of those albums, then choose "Edit album".

Album Privacy

Next, click the audience selector and select "Only me" to keep it to yourself or select "Friends" to share it with only friends.

Album Privacy

For the albums that have been created automatically by Facebook (Timeline Photos, Profile Pictures, Cover Photos), you'll need to change the privacy for each photo individually.

To make any individual photo private, open the album that contains the photo, then click to open the photo that you want to make private. Next, click the audience selector at the top right, then choose who can see it from the drop down menu.

Hide Individual Photo

Really, It'll be so hard to set the privacy for each photo individually. Especially, if you have a ton of photos. But, there is something you can do. It may save you time and get you out of this trouble. You can use a tool called Limit Past Posts, to prevent the public from viewing your personal photos. So, what does this feature do?

Simply, It'll set all the posts that you've shared with the Public and Friends of Friends to Friends only by one click. But also you should take in consideration that if you change your mind later, you won't be able to revert them back in one click. You'll need to do that for each post or photo individually. So, please think of it.

Want to use this tool?

If so, here is how to do that:


Click the profile picture at the top right of any Facebook page, click Settings & Privacy, then click Settings.

Facebook Settings

From the left side, click on the Privacy tab.

Privacy Tab

Click Limit Past Posts next to Limit the audience for posts you've shared with friends of friends or public?, then click on Limit Past Posts button. Once done, press Close.

Limit Past Posts limit old posts

Finally, to make sure that your photos and photo albums are private, you'll need to view your Facebook profile as a stranger.

To do so, click the eye icon underneath your cover photo, then click Photos tab.

That's it! that's how you make your photos and photo albums private on Facebook.

If you have any question regarding this post, just let me know in the comments below or send me a message on my Facebook page! I will be more than glad to help you out! 🙂

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