How to Hide Your Personal Information on Facebook

How to Hide Your Personal Information on Facebook

How much do you care about your personal information on Facebook? Are you happy with sharing your birthday, emails, phone number, home address, work, relationship and so many other information with the entire world? If not, there is no need to worry, it's not too late to put those personal information on private. You have the ability to control any piece of information in the About section.

In his post I will take you step by step on how to tweak your personal information settings and protect your online privacy.

Ready? If so, let's get started!

How to Hide Your Personal Information on Facebook?


Navigate to your timeline, then click on About under your cover photo.

Update Facebook Info

Now, we are going to start with the most sensitive information, "Contact and Basic Info".

Facebook About Section

To change any information visibility, just hover the mouse over the information that you would like to make private, then click Edit. After that, click the audience selector next to each entry and choose who can see it from the drop down menu.

- You can choose "Only Me" to hide it from all.

- You can choose "Friends" to share it only with your friends list.

- You can also choose "Custom" to share it with specific people or lists.

Contact and Basic Info

For example, to hide your Mobile number, hover the mouse over Mobile Phones » Click Edit » Click the audience selector, then select who can see it using the drop down menu » Press the Save changes button to apply the changes.

Facebook Mobile Phones Privacy

- To hide your email addresses, hover the mouse over Email » Click Edit » Click the audience selector next to each email address, then choose who can see it from the drop down menu. Before you hit the Save changes button, you can also click the down arrow next to each email and choose Hidden from Timeline.

Facebook Email Privacy

- To hide your birthday, scroll down to Basic Information » Hover the mouse over Birth Date » Click Edit » Now, click the audience selector beside your birthday then change its visibility to whatever you want » Press Save Changes.

Facebook Birthday Privacy

You can do the same thing to all the rest of your personal information in the About section, such as Work and Education, Places You've Lived, Family and Relationships, ...

To make sure that the settings are doing their job, you should see your profile as a stranger. To do so, click the three dots icon underneath your cover photo and select View As....

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