How to Hide Your Friends List on Facebook

How to Hide Your Friends List on Facebook

Updated on November 15, 2020

Are you interested in hiding your friends list on Facebook and stop people from knowing who your friends are? Want to keep your family members, closest friends and everyone you care about far from prying eyes?

Well, by default, your Facebook friends list is visible to everyone. But if you don't want others to view it, you have the ability to change its privacy to your liking. So, you can hide it from everyone or share it just with friends or specific friends whom you trust.

Making your Facebook friends list private is an easy and simple process. Just follow the steps described below to see how much easier to hide your Facebook friends from others on both computer and mobile app.

Are you ready to make your friends list invisible to strangers ? If so, let's follow the instruction below!

1. How to Hide Your Friends List on Facebook via a Desktop Computer?


Sign in to your Facebook account using your username and password.


Go to your timeline by clicking on your name.

Facebook Profile Name

Click on Friends button under the cover photo.

Facebook Friends Section

Click the three dots icon to the far right of Friends and select Edit Privacy from the drop down menu.

Edit Facebook Friends Privacy

In the popup window, click the audience selector next to Friends List, then choose Only Me to hide it from everyone. You can also choose Friends, to share it only with your friends. Or choose Custom, to set it to a custom settings.

You can do the same thing for Following and Followers.

Facebook friends privacy settings

Now, to make sure that your Facebook friends list is hidden from unwanted eyes, you'll need to view your Facebook profile as a stranger. To do so, click the eye icon underneath your cover photo, then click the Friends tab.

That's it! that's how you hide your friends list on Facebook via desktop computer. If you'd like to hide your friends list on Facebook app, follow the steps described below.

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2. How to Hide Your Friends List on the Facebook App?


Open the Facebook app and log into your account.


Tap the three lines icon located in the top right corner (Android) or in the bottom right corner (iPhone), then tap Settings & Privacy.

Facebook App Menu - Settings & Privacy

Tap Settings.

Facebook App Settings

Scroll down to the Privacy section and tap Privacy Settings.

Facebook App Privacy Settings

Scroll down and ap Who can see your friends list?.

Who can see your friends list

Tap See More to expand more options and select Only me to keep your friends list to yourself.

Facebook App Only me Option

That's it! That's how you hide your friends on Facebook app.

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