How to Delete and Pause your Google Search history

How to Delete and Pause your Google Search history

Do you know that whenever you are logged into your Google account and you search for something or browsing websites, Google keeps a record of those searches in your account history?

Well, it seems a good feature, it can easily help you find what you've searched for in the past. But seriously, if you care more about your personal privacy on the internet, it may be better to clear those searches from your Google account and stop Google from archiving your searches. What will happen if those information ends up in the wrong hands by a way or another? Simply, you'll find yourself in an embarrassing situation. You may have many things that you want to keep to yourself.

So, if you decided to delete your Google search history, you can follow the steps described below. I will show you exactly how to delete your history and stop Google from remembering your future searches.

Are you ready? Let's get started!

How to Delete and Pause your Google Search history?


Visit this link to be able to manage your google search history:


If you're not logged to your google account, you'll be prompted to sign in using your Email and password.

Google logging

Once you have signed into your account, you'll see all the searches that you've searched for in the past.

Google logging

Click the three vertical dots icon at the top right, then click Item view.

Google Page History Item View

Now, if you would like to delete individual searches, you can do that by clicking on the three vertical dots next to any item you want to remove, then Delete.

Delete individual Google searches

To make it easier for you, you can also delete individual searches by checking multiple boxes. to do so, click the three vertical dots icon, then choose Select.

delete web & app activity

Check the boxes next to the searches you want to remove from your google history, then click the recycle bin icon at the top of the page to remove them permanently.

Delete individual-Google searches checkbox

To delete all the searches you've made at once, click the three vertical dots at the top, then click Delete activity by.

Delete all Google search history

From here, select All time, then press Delete.

Clear all Google search history

Press DELETE to confirm the deletion of your whole google search history.

Delete Google activity all time

After getting rid of the search history, it's time time now to stop Google from tracking your future activity. to do so, you'll need to go back to your Google history page again by clicking on the the arrow located at the top left of the page.

Delete Google activity all time

Once you're in your Google history page, click the three vertical dots icon at the top right, then choose Activity controls.

Activity controls

To pause your google search history, you'll need to turn off the switch by moving it to the left.

Turn off the switch

Click PAUSE.

Pause web & app activity

Click PAUSE again.

Pause web & app activity again

That's it! Web & App Activity has been paused.

Web & app activity paused

That's how you can find and delete the search history on Google.

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