How to Delete an Instagram Account Permanently

How to Delete an Instagram Account Permanently

Have you decided to delete your Instagram account but you don't know how to do that? Well, if you no longer want to keep using Instagram, then you have two options, either you can delete it permanently or disable it temporarily.

So, what is the difference between deactivating and deleting an Instagram account?

Simply, once you delete an Instagram account, you won't be able to reactivate it again and you won't be able to use the same username. In addition, everything you have uploaded to your Instagram account will be removed, such as photos, videos, and the same thing for followers, comments and likes.

But when you deactivate an Instagram account temporarily, everything will be hidden till your reactivate it again.

In this post, I'm going to show you how to deactivate and delete your Instagram account permanently. If you're ready? let's get started!

How to Delete an Instagram Account Permanently?

1#: Deactivating Your Instagram Account.


Log into your Instagram account, then head to your profile by clicking on your username in the top right corner.

Instagram Profile

Once there, click the Edit Profile button to open your account settings.

Edit Instagram Profile

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click Temporarily disable my account.

Temporarily Disable Instagram

Click the down arrow next to Why are you disabling you account and select a reason.

Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

After choosing a reason for the deactivation, another field will be shown. It will ask you to re-enter your password. Once you do that, click Temporarily Disable Account

Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

That's it for the deactivation, now, let me show you how to delete your account permanently.

2#: Deleting Your Instagram Account Permanently.


Log into your Instagram account using your username and password.

Instagram Logging

Now, go to the URL and replace www with help and press Enter on your keyboard. It should be like this:

WWW to Help

Type delete account in the search box and choose How do I delete my account?

Instagram Search Box

Scroll down and click the link in the line number one, that says Go to the Delete Your Account page.

Delete Your Account Page

Next to Why are you deleting your account?, choose a reason for the deletion.

Why Deleting Instagram

Enter your password, then press Permanently delete my account button.

Re-enter password

In the popup window, click OK.


Hope this post was helpful! If so, please don't forget to share it with world.

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How to Delete Your Instagram Account