How To Delete a YouTube Channel

How To Delete Your YouTube Channel

Do you want to delete your YouTube channel or YouTube account but still wondering how to do that? Or maybe, you're worried about the process of deleting it? Are these your questions? Does deleting a channel will delete the Gmail account? Does deleting a channel will delete the other channels? No worries, by following the steps described in this post, you'll only delete the channel that you want to delete and without affecting the Gmail account or the other channels.

Deleting a YouTube channel or YouTube account has become more easier now than ever before, especially with the separation of Google plus and YouTube accounts. You can erase the existence of any unwanted YouTube channel easily and in a few simple clicks.

Are you ready to get rid of your YouTube account or channel? If so, let's get started!

How To Delete a YouTube Channel?

Step 1:If you have more than one channel, switch to the channel you want to delete.

Step 2:Click the channel profile picture, then click the gear icon to open your channel settings. If you have the new layout, click the profile picture, then click Settings.

YouTube Channel Settings

Step 3: Click Advanced and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

YouTube Channel Advanced Settings

Step 4: Click Delete Channel.

Delete YouTube Channel

Step 5: Click I want permanently delete my content.

Delete YouTube Channel Content

Step 6: Please, take your time and read everything carefully before you delete your channel. Once you have read and understand all details, tick the two boxes and press Delete my content.

Remove YouTube Channel Content

Step 7: If you're about deleting your main youtube account, you'll be prompted to confirm the deletion by typing the email in the field. and if it's a channel, you'll be asked to type the channel name that you are about to delete.
After typing your email or your channel name, press Delete my content.

Confirm YouTube Channel Deletion

The channel has been successfully deleted.

Channel Has Been Successfully Deleted

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Video Tutorial: How to Delete a Youtube Channel - 2016

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