How to Clear your YouTube History

How to Clear your YouTube History

Do you know that whenever you watch or search for videos on YouTube and you're logged into your Google account, those watched videos and searches stored in your account history? Yes, YouTube is tracking all what you're viewing and what you're searching for on the red site to improve user experience.

Well, is this a privacy issue? For me, it is. The problem isn't just about YouTube or Google. What if those information ends up in the wrong hands by a way or another? It may happen, especially if you're sharing your computer and your devices with your family members and friends. so, to avoid any embarrassing situation, it may be better to get rid of your YouTube watch history and search history to secure your digital and personal life. If you decided to clear your traces, you can easily visit your YouTube history to remove all your watched videos and searches or just videos and searches that no longer interest you.

To do so, you can follow the steps below. I will show you step by step how to delete your YouTube watch history and YouTube search history as well as pausing them. So, let's get started!

How to Clear your YouTube History?


You need to sign into your YouTube account to be able to manage your watch and search history.

Google Logging

Click the three lines icon (Menu) at the top left of any YouTube page then choose History tab.

History Tab

You should see a list of all your watched videos in the history page. To remove a video from the watch history list, just click the X icon to the far right of it.

X icon

To remove all your watch history at once, click the button that says Clear all watch history.

Clear all watch history button

A popup window will appear. You need to click on Clear all watch history button to confirm the deletion of all your watch history.

Clear all watch history

If you would like to pause your YouTube watch history, just click on Pause watch history button.

Pause watch history

After finishing the first part "How to Clear YouTube Watch History", Now let's jump to the second one "How to Clear YouTube Search History".

How to Clear your YouTube Search History?


Through the same history page, click on Search history tab beside "Watch history" tab.

YouTube Search history

To remove an individual search, click the three dots icon to the far right of any search you want to delete, then click Remove from search history.

Remove individual search-history

To remove all searches at once, click on Clear all search history button.

Clear all search history

In the pop up window, you'll need to confirm the deletion by clicking Clear all search history button.

Confirm Clear all search history

To pause the search history, just press the Pause search history button and that's it!

Pause Search History
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